Hypnotherapy for Confidence

Hypnotherapy Confidence Wigan
Caroline Dawe Therapy Wigan

Confidence is a state of mind

You may be surprised to know that some of the people who come to hypnotherapy for confidence building are actually quite successful or even at the top of their professions. The point is that confidence is not something that arrives after you achieve a certain salary or status. 

Confidence is a state of mind once you have it you will find that there are no limitations. 

When we feel confident, we accept ourselves and believe in our abilities. When we don't feel confident, we can become stressed, anxious, unfulfilled and ultimately unhappy.

Hypnotherapy Confidence Wigan
Caroline Dawe Therapy Wigan

Confidence and Self Esteem

They seem such simple things. Things we should all have in abundance. But sadly not. The world gets to us, people’s opinions lessen it, overtime it can erode and shrink. It can affect every area of our life so we end up shrinking our world and feeling less than in every situation. The good news is you can boost it back up. I’ve had clients come and see me who have been at their lowest point and in only a few weeks transform themselves into the person they want to be. Hypnotherapy is probably one of the fastest ways to increase self confidence 

Hypnotherapy Confidence Wigan 
Caroline Dawe Therapy

Why do people lack confidence ?

The reason why a person has low confidence is because they are using their conscious mind for the majority of their thinking and it is that mind that is creating the problems. The conscious mind is a fault finding mind that is often critical. 

You see its not that a person isn’t confident it’s just that the confidence is held back by the persons thinking patterns.

You may or may not be aware of it, but we constantly "talk" in our minds as we go about our day. In every situation or encounter, your mind is giving you messages that affect your attitudes. If you have low self-esteem, or lack confidence, you probably suffer from previously programmed self-talk that tells you every day that you are not good enough, strong enough, pretty enough, or smart enough. 

I will help you challenge each of your negative thoughts so you can replace them with new confident ways of thinking.