Pain Management and pain relief Therapy


Don’t suffer in silence.

Pain. People can’t see it. They don’t know how it affects you. They don’t know that it’s there, morning, noon and night. That it affects every area of your life. That you can’t escape it. That you need to take it into consideration in whatever you do. But it’s there. Always. But it doesn’t have to be. I can help you with pain relief I can help you turn it down, I can help you stop it ruining everything, I can help it go away.  

Pain doesn’t have to be a life sentence.

Pain. It can be physical. It can be emotional. Either way it hurts. Either way it affects every area of your life.  Pain can affect everything – your job, your relationships, your health, your ability to do stuff that other people take for granted. It makes life hard. Every step takes effort. Every step hurts. Every step there is an invisible force weighing you down or pulling you back. 

Every. Single. Step.

Pain doesn’t have to be a life sentence. You can lessen it. You can loosen its grip. You can take back control.

Have you been told to learn to live with it?

You might have been told there is nothing else they can do. You might have been told that you just have to take the pain killers and live with it. You might have been told that this is it now. But, what if I told you there was a way.

I can help you remove or reduce that pain so you can live a pain free life just like everyone else? 

How would that sound? 

I bet you’ve tried it all.

I bet you’ve tried it all. Every pill, exercise, self-help technique that you can. I bet you think there’s nothing left to try and this is it, but what if I told you I had something.

 I use a simple pain relief technique with clients who feel just like you, every day. Every day I see their pain lessen, their smile grow and I watch them get their life back. You don’t have to live with that pain, lets work together at my office in Wigan and get you feeling so much better. 

We can turn your pain down to a more manageable level and in some cases we can turn the pain off.

Do you ever wish there was a button to switch off your pain or a dial to turn it down? What if I told you there was? Would you want to know more? Would you want to know how it works? 

I've helped so many people with pain management and pain relief at my office in Wigan.

What is pain? and how does the therapy work?

Natural Pain Relief

Pain lets us know when something isn’t right in our body. It’s usually temporary and we can see a doctor or go to hospital for treatment. However, what about the pain we can’t seem to get rid of? 

Chronic pain is pain that just doesn’t let up; maybe an accident where your injuries have healed as much as they can, but the pain is still there for no apparent reason.

Chronic conditions such as MS, Fibromyalgia, CFS and Arthritis can leave you in constant pain but this pain serves no purpose because you’re aware of your condition.

This type of pain certainly affects your quality of life, both physically and often emotionally too. It can also mask any new pain signal that might be telling you you’re injured and need treatment. 

Your subconscious mind as well as controlling and regulating all of our bodily functions without you having to think about it, also controls pain. 

It is possible to access your subconscious mind to understand why the pain message is still active, and secondly to ‘bargain’ with your brain to stop that old, unnecessary pain message, whilst keeping you safely able to recognise any pain associated with any new injury.

I specialise in hypnotherapy, pain relief and pain management using your body and minds natural ability to safely and significantly or even totally for some people remove long term chronic pain that you have been living with. Which will vastly improve your quality of life. 


Pain Management Therapy Testimonial

(Permission given from client to share)

I saw Caroline recently with a shoulder injury. The doctor had ordered rest for a month and prescribed a concoction of painkillers while it got better. Nothing was really working but after a visit to Caroline, the improvement was rapid! I immediately felt a difference and using the pain management solution techniques that Caroline advised, I was able to manage any leftover pain myself. It didn’t take long for the pain to go altogether but what was the most amazing thing was that I realised after a few days that a hip complaint I have had for over fifteen years had more or less completely disappeared!! I’d been so involved with my shoulder, I’d not noticed my hip just get better! I can’t recommend Caroline and her pain management relief methods highly enough it’s been life changing. I can actually sleep in any position now after years of having to sleep on one side! Thank you Caroline! 

C Gorton Wigan.

What to do next

First of all you will need to have an informal consultation, which is free of charge, which can be done by telephone or at my office in Wigan.

Depending on the reason for the pain very often only one pain relief session is needed however if the pain is from the result of a Chronic illness such as Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis etc I have found there is a need to deal with the emotional aspect that these Chronic conditions can have on a person. 

We can discuss this in more detail during the consultation either by phone or at my office in Wigan and work out a tailored pain management plan for you.

Let’s have a chat and then we can get to work on reducing that pain for good.