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Weight Loss Hypnotherapy and Coaching With Caroline Dawe.

Ditch The fat for good and discover the slim you!


Do you wish you could lose weight and keep it off permanently?

Are you tired of fad diets that make you feel miserable and deprived?

Do you find yourself repeating unwanted habits such as comfort or binge eating?

FATnosis Mindset and Motivational Weight Loss


My energising, motivating and inspiring approach will empower you to regain control over food, re programme your mind to help you acquire new healthy habits and allow you to reap the rewards of finding that slimmer, healthier much more confident and gorgeous you!


As a Certified Licensed FATnosis Practitioner I offer the ground breaking FATnosis Weight Loss solution. 

Developed and pioneered by Weight Loss Expert Steve Miller of Sky One's Fat Families.

FATnosis is the highly respected weight management model  and is arguably The Number 1 Hypnotic Weight Loss Solution.  


Your Programme and My Aim

Working together successfully is crucial to my aim of building up your motivation and helping you to establish a strong mind-set, enabling you to reach your personal goals.

Your programme will be delivered with a strong, positive and inspirational and motivational tone. 

This will include:

·The importance of ditching all excuses so that you lose weight, forever.

·Maintaining focus and finding solutions to any challenges in order to maximise your achievements.

·My Inspirational and Motivational style to empower you to regain control of your eating habits.

·Positivity enthusiasm and support throughout the programme to ensure you feel motivated and confident about your weight loss.

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FATnosis 6 Session Programme

We will work closely together over the 6 sessions with me as your cheer leader, straight talker, mindset programmer and motivator.

In many ways I will become a new best friend that tells you the truth and champions your mindset and motivation to lose and manage your weight safely. 

 In summary you will receive:

⭐️ 6 Face to face sessions either in my Wigan office or online.

⭐️ SOS text support in between sessions to help ensure you stay focused.

⭐️ An understanding of the 80-20 rule so that you can lose weight without experiencing a rigid diet, feeling miserable or deprived together with sample meal plans.

⭐️Motivational Coaching to help drive and elevate your desire to lose weight safely.

⭐️Mind Set Programming to help you immediately get into the right frame of mind for the long term, so that you can manage your weight effectively.

⭐️This package includes  Mp3 audios for you to listen to daily.

⭐️Full notes on techniques you can implement for your weight loss.

⭐️ Continued support and encouragement throughout your journey to ensure that you remain on track.


Slimvincible 3 Session Kick Start


My 3 session Kick Start Programme is available which condenses many aspects of the 6 session programme into a 3 session hit.

The Kick Start Programme will help you to:

 ⭐️ Set your goals.

⭐️ Elevate your motivation.

⭐️  Increase control over your eating habits.

⭐️  Immediately get you into the right frame of mind so that you can manage your weight effectively.

You will receive:

⭐️ 3 Face to face sessions either in my Wigan office or online.

⭐️  Mp3 Audios to keep you on track.

⭐️  Full notes on techniques you can implement for your weight loss.

If you are ready to sort it out once and for all


Book a Complimentary Consultation, either at my office, by Telephone or Online.

This free consultation will allow us to establish which programme is right for you. We can discuss your individual issues and I will explain how my weight loss programmes work.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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